POLL: The Greatest NBA Defenders Ever

[Update: Voting is officially closed! Stay tuned on YouTube to see the video results!]

Mixed Tape Videos is a community of NBA fans so we like to include your thoughts and opinions whenever we can. With that in mind, our next Top 10 video, the Top 10 Greatest NBA Defenders Of All Time, will be ranked by you, the fans and viewers. Pretty cool, huh?

Use the poll below to vote for who you think was the best defenders. You can vote for more than one player. The poll will be open for about two weeks so make sure you vote and share this poll with your friends so they can vote too.

Each player will be ranked by how many votes he received.



14 thoughts on “POLL: The Greatest NBA Defenders Ever

  1. Aaron says:

    Dennis Rodman has to be the best defender in NBA history. He can legitimately guard all 5 positions. No other player on the list can do that. What other player could guard Jordan and Shaq.


    1. Ricosfair says:

      I totally agree, he was so versatile as a defensive player, it’s almost unbelievable ! The guy shut down Shaq, guarded His Airness as well as Magic, and drove a young KG crazy !
      He was strong, quick, smart and vicious on that end of the floor. Maybe not the best on the ball defender at a single position in the history of the Game but overall there has never been a better defender.


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