NBA Conspiracy Theories

A couple of weeks ago, we started brainstorming a new video idea: the top 10 NBA conspiracy theories. This is a pretty hot topic so, naturally, we had to attack it.

Through our own brain power (and the power of Google)….(actually it was mostly Google), we came up with several.

  • Kyrie Irving draft lottery
  • Patrick Ewing draft lottery
  • 2001 Lakers-Kings Playoff series
  • 2006 Mavericks-Heat Playoff series (actually, the entire Eastern Conference run by the Miami Heat will probably be included in this one)
  • Derrick Rose draft lottery
  • LeBron James draft lottery
  • Anthony Davis draft lottery (league owned the team)
  • Jordan retirement
  • 2007 Suns-Spurs Playoff suspension
  • 2012 Thunder-Heat Finals
  • Large market teams being favored by the NBA

So that’s what we have for now. We haven’t decided if we should list each incident individually or if we’ll combine them into topics (Officiating, Draft Lottery, etc.).

We’re sharing this with you because it is such a hot topic for fans and we want to get input from our viewers. This isn’t quite a Viewer Vote video like we’ve done in the past, but we do want to see what you have to say.

So what NBA conspiracy theories did we leave off? Let us know and we might include it in the video!


One thought on “NBA Conspiracy Theories

  1. Bib says:

    I absolutely think teams have been screwed over big time by most of these refs and involved a bunch is ” baldy Joe”( ref in pic) the worst ref ever. Quick fact game 7 Celics /Lakers 2010, 37 free throws for LA, 17 for Boston. 4th qtr. 23 for LA and a measly 6 for the Celts. With 12 fouls being called on Bos. In the 4th and 5 fouls on LA. Someday that 2010 championship banner will hang in the rafters in the Gahden…


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